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We hope you and yours are safe, happy, healthy, and well fed! In these crazy times we feel extremely thankful to be spending our time on this planet creating peace, love (and booty!) through our music to share with you, and to have friends like you supporting us! As a special thank you for your support, we want to offer you 50% OFF on CD's, merchandise and digital downloads for a limited time only! From now until midnight this Friday 11/27 you can use the coupon code givethanks50off at checkout and get an incredible deal on LOVEWHIP music and merch. Please share this discount code with friends and family!

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You've got lots of options including our hit album “Love Electric”, our three other studio albums and one live album, and also fun t-shirts, koozies, posters and stickers!

Here's to a peaceful and loving holiday season filled with music!
From all of us,

Empress Erin & the guys

“Exciting dancehall-punk-disco collisions!”
–LA Weekly

“A mash up of all the world's most danceable music,
from electro to Afro-beat, to reggaeton and post-punk”

–Weekly Dig

“More fun than a truckload of Cyndi Laupers!”
–Portland Press Herald

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