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Lovewhip's third album, Virtual Booty Machine, marks a stylistic change for the band, as horns and percussion are replaced by synths and samples. With irresistable remixes by MicL PTVN (Cassette, Electrosocial), Mark E. Moon (Plunge Into Death), Reggie Hodges (Trumystic, High Fidelity Dub Sessions #3) and NYC's DJ Monk One.

Track Listing:
1. Show Your Love
2. Virtual Booty Machine
3. Sitting and Watching
4. Get It On Down
5. Bombay Booty Machine
6. get it on D.O.W.N.
7. Sitting and Loving Dub
8. Boots Booty
9. show yr love
10. Rebooty
11. sittingwatchingwaitingthinking

Album notes:
Produced by Lovewhip, executive produced by Jim Countryman and Erin Harpe. Tracks 1-4 recorded, engineered, manipulated, mixed, and mastered by Darron Burke at Makeshift Studio, Jamaica Plain MA. Tracks 5-11 mastered by Darron Burke at Makeshift Studio. All songs written by Lovewhip and published by Squirrelygirl Music/Juicy Juju Records/ASCAP, except Sitting and Watching, written by Dennis Brown.

©2005 Squirrelygirl Music/Juicy Juju Records. All rights reserved.

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