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 Lovewhip's third studio album. "After getting kidnapped and reprogrammed by the city's foremost basement-party hipsters, frontwoman Erin Harpe has been reborn as a soulful electro-rock diva," says Carly Carioli of the Boston Phoenix - On the Download. With irresistable remixes by MicL PTVN (Cassette, Electrosocial), Mark E. Moon (Plunge Into Death), Reggie Hodges (Trumystic, High Fidelity Dub Sessions #3) and NYC's DJ Monk One. 11 tracks, listed below.

Show Your Love • Virtual Booty Machine • Sitting and Watching • Get It On Down • Bombay Booty Machine • get it on D.O.W.N. • Sitting and Loving Dub • Boots Booty • show yr love • Rebooty • sittingwatchingwaitingthinking

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