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<a href="">Love Electric by Lovewhip</a>

Love Electric
Released Februrary 1, 2010 (Juicy Juju Records)

The new album, Love Electric, is a futuristic dance party complete with unicorns, icebots, intrigue, electronic sex toys, and rock'n'roll! Mixing dancehall reggae with disco, pop and rock, the album was produced by Jake Zavracky (producer/composer, of the bands Cyanide Valentine and Quick Fix), and recorded in Boston and Brooklyn.

“blends shiny, modern production techniques with X-Ray Spex attitude (and sax styling) and a pulse worthy of the Talking Heads.”
-Performer Magazine

“Simply stated, I love this record and you will too! My 2 personal recommendations are 'Love Electric' and 'Drama Queen'.”
-Loudmouth Reviews

“Harpe’s velvety voice winds its way through your consciousness like the snake in the Garden of Eden to tempt you into all kinds of sinful pleasure.”
-Bill Copeland, CTRL ALT Music



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